WEAREMUESLI (Claudia+Matteo)


Claudia Molinari + Matteo Pozzi

We Are Muesli

We Are Müesli is an Italian game design duo made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. Starting with “CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET.” (Jheronimus Bosch Art Game 2013), Claudia and Matteo have been focusing on award-winning “unconventional storytelling” video games rooted in cultural, historical and artistic topics. Their latest works include docu-game about Italian Resistance “Venti Mesi”, interactive ballad on Sicilian folklore “The Great Palermo” and multiplayer installation “SIHEYU4N” (Beijing Design Week 2015).

25 Marzo 2017

EXPERT ROOM | ore 12:45