WORKSHOP | March 24


Workshop are completely free for all attendees of MDT Conference. You only need to book your seat directly from the link you have received in the MDT Ticket’s confirmation order email.

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Pietro Polsinelli

Impossible mission: designing and estimating applied games


How can a museum, research or any cultural center make its contents
more accessible through games while respecting the complexity of the

In this workshop we will work hands on existing applied games,
analysing them through different lenses and hence progressively
acquiring the game design language. This will lead us to 1. define the
basic game design work from knowledge base to concept and mechanics
and 2. define estimations for the work required to prototype and
develop applied games.

Fabio Fornasari + Elena Bertelli

How to … MuseoMix


A great morning of activities with the Museomix Italian Community for all those who want to take part to the edition 2017, approaching the format that changes the way to experience museums.

We will start from an introduction to Museomix, creative and multidisciplinary makeathon, born in France 7 years ago and arrived in Italy in 2016. 3 days of intellectual and manual lab, during that, different team, work inside the museum, among the collection, to develop innovative ideas and to create prototypes that will be test by visitors, the last day.

Than, we will learn to prepare a museum and its community to live this unique experience, thanks to the mentoring of key players of the last edition of Museomix.


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Pierpaolo Barresi

A new way to tell old stories


We are experimenting a new way to narrate old stories! Through a process of listening, synthesizing and of course drawing, we apply our visual thinking to the art in museums, with the aim of creating a worldwide language that can put together the complexity and the majesty of our iconographic cultural heritage with a new, easy, fun and modern way to see!

Niccolò DiVito + Matteo Gazzarri

L’importanza della comunicazione Video, dall’Event Marketing ai video Storytelling

Riprese Firenze

Nell’ambito di una comunicazione museale sempre più incentrata sul web, lo strumento video diventa un asset imprescindibile per veicolare i contenuti dell’offerta culturale. I format commerciali delle grandi aziende possono essere declinati in una forma diversa per adattarsi alle esigenze dei diversi attori. Nel corso del Workshop proveremo a strutturare un piano di videocomunicazione in storytelling per il Grande Museo del Duomo.


Final greetings.