Riccardo Napolitano

CEO @ Arm 23
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After completing his university career in the field of engineering, Riccardo Napolitano filled various management roles in both national and international telecommunication companies. His professional story subsequently took a commercial twist with important activities in the field of strategic marketing. Being also well-versed in information systems technologies, his overall set of skills led him to work extensively as Director of Institutional Affairs for both corporations and institutions across a wide spectrum of industries including, though not limited to, defence systems, aerospace, data management, infrastructures, land security and protection, and sustainable ’smart’ solutions.

Among his most recent roles is his appointment as CEO and General Manager at Finmeccanica Global Services S.p.A. Since 2015, he has been devoting himself entirely to the setting-up and development of ARM23 Srl, an innovative start-up business dealing with augmented reality and image recognition research and development, which was created under his guidance. He also contributed to the foundation of BrightLink Srl, a company providing internationalization and consulting services.

Project ARM, the innovative answer to the needs of museum-goers and monument visitors

#MDT2017 Conference Expert Room 15:15
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