Tiziana Lombardo

Project Manager @ 3logic MK s.r.l.
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Tiziana is project manager at 3logic MK, a software house based in Pisa. Her business interests extend to cultural heritage and new technologies, social innovation, tourism and communication. She has over 10 years of experience as project manager in national and EU funded projects with a specialisation on ICT applied in different fields such as Cultural Heritage, Digital Libraries, Research Infrastructures, Tourism, International Cooperation and Communication.

She took part as participant and co-organiser, in several events to design new communication strategies for museums, such as MuseumCamp2016, MuseoMix2016, Future Museum Challenge 2016. Among the projects she is in charge of in 3logic, she is currently involved in Yourmuseum, focusing on digital innovation and visitor/contents interaction.https://twitter.com/tizianalombardo

The digital transformation of museums for new experiential cultural paths

#MDT2017 Conference Expert Room 12:00
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