March 25, 2017
Expert Room | 10:45

Evolving the museum

One of the main objectives of the research group ArtesMechanicae – of which Alexander is founder – is to work inside museums which deal with technological culture to make them evolve. For many museums this is a time of big updates: thanks to the continuous and quick evolution of technology we have now the opportunity to give in a simple way information not otherwise easily accessible to the public. Not always, however, we see an equally effective evolution of contents.

A deeper transformation of museums is possible today: the very concept of exhibit can be enriched, as a hybrid of advanced communication methods and content processed in new ways. In a try to answer to the increasing demand coming from the public for museums to follow the same schemes in giving information to which people are accustomed in their daily life, in line with the progress of storytelling of the last 15 – 20 years.

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