March 25, 2017
Plenary Hall | 16:30

For all studious and curious persons - Social media and the British Museum

Since its foundation in 1753 the British Museum has always been a Museum of the world, for the world – a public collection freely available to all. In the 18th century that meant to a public primarily based in London, but in the past decade of the Museum’s history this revolutionary founding principle has been made a reality in the most meaningful way. Now digital technologies enable us to share our collection and tell our stories to a truly global online audience. Museums have a unique opportunity to use social media to deliver a visitor experience for those who may never physically visit, to engage and converse with audiences and to build their global brand.

Hannah Boulton and Kate Carter will talk about the development of the British Museum’s social media strategy, the opportunities available and how we manage risk. The talk will highlight both successes and failures, the battle between reach vs engagement, the development of digital customer service and a look to what the future may hold.

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