March 25, 2017
Expert Room | 12:00

The digital transformation of museums for new experiential cultural paths

Cultural institutions are facing now a double challenge: to attract new visitors from
one side, to communicate the contents, in a way that is closer to the audience
needs of knowledge and experience from the other.

If museums seem to have adopted quite widely a communication based on social
media, there is still a big gap in terms of digital strategies for making contents

The reasons behind this gap are different, motivated quite often with lack of
resources or lack of technical skills within museums. But the real problem goes
beyond these barriers: it is created by a lack of structured dialogue between content
curators and techies.

Technology solutions for museums are the most diverse and do not necessary need
a high budget to be effective.

The first real question to be answered when thinking to a digital innovation process
within a museum is in fact: what is the best technology to communicate my visit

This answer can be given only if the dialogue between curators and technology
providers is seamless and bilateral: content curators must be free to design an
experiential path for the visitors, techies must then identify the most suitable
solutions to drive the message.

In this presentation we will present some case studies of different digital solutions to
museums and discuss their application field.

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