Pierpaolo Barresi

Founder @ Yobi
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I work as freelance designer and facilitator for brands and companies in the field of events, meetings, conferences, brainstorming and team building session, pubblishing, big surfaces.

Graphic facilitation and Graphic recording are skills that can help you raise and boost creativity and productivity in your work.

Graphic facilitators do that by recording your events and meetings and facilitating workshops, transcribing the information in a visual manner, managing space and flow in the perfect container of collective intelligence, while making participants solve problems and cooperate to create innovations

"Segnal'etico" - Indicazioni e percorsi visuali per i musei

#MDT2018 Workshop Sala Brunelleschi 09:30

A new way to tell old stories

#MDT2017 Workshop Plenary Hall 14:30
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